Code documentation

Atomica root module

The Atomica module is the entry point for running simulations and performing analysis using Atomica. It consists of the following submodules:

calibration Implements automatic calibration
cascade Utility functions for working with cascades
data Implementation of Databook functionality
defaults Defines some defaults for Atomica projects Version: 2018sep24
excel Miscellaneous utility functions for Excel files
framework Implements Framework functionality
migration(original_version, new_version, …) Decorator to register migration functions
model Implements the Atomica computational graph
optimization Implements various Optimizations in Atomica
parameters Implements data-based model parameters (ParameterSet)
function_parser Implements the parameter function parser
plotting Functions for generating plots from model outputs
programs Classes for implementing Programs
project Implements the Project user interface for Atomica
reconciliation Implements the automatic reconciliation algorithm
results Implements interface for working with model outputs
scenarios Define classes for handling scenarios
system Define internal system constants and functions
utils Define utility classes used throughout Atomica